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Creative Team - Bruce Peter AKA Indy

About Bruce (AKA Indy)

Bruce is a Franco – American photographer, artist, and entrepreneur based in Central, Connecticut and Northern, Maine.

Bruce is a firm believer in following your dreams, photography being his for the last 20 years. He started out shooting Architecture and Interior Design and has photographed homes for politicians, actors, leading real estate professionals, custom home builders, and architectural product manufacturers.

He also enjoys writing about photography and sharing what he has learned with other photography professionals and camera enthusiasts. Occasionally he will offer classes on the fundamentals of DSLR photography and walkabouts for local camera enthusiasts. Bruce is also passionate about photographing cityscapes, landscapes, Dance & other genres. You may see some of that work featured here and on his fine art website. (

When not behind the camera or running the day to day business operations, Bruce enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, hiking, enjoying good wine, bourbon, and great food. He is also an advocate of every man owning a Stetson. Come on, what man doesn’t look good in one?

Bruce’s hero’s in life are Frank Sinatra (because he does it his way), John Wayne (American Actor), Chase Jarvis (Photographer), Joe McNally (Photographer) and Scott Hargis (Photographer).

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