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Our business DNA started with people’s homes… Since 1996 Bruce and his team have been working with some of the region’s finest Hospitality, Real Estate, and Commercial Companies. We craft images for over 600 residences and commercial properties every year.

Our work has been featured in major publications and trade journals, and our images have been licensed for use in books, websites, and marketing materials across the globe.

Company History

Our Beginning:

In 1996 our company started as a technology solutions provider to the real estate industry. From there, we expanded to other businesses, including the construction industry.

Our first construction client was the Trumbull Restoration Company in Plainville, Connecticut. Trumbull, at the time, was the leader in the area of masonry repointing. It had a long list of clients, including many of the churches in the region, and one of its most notable projects was the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

David A. Catucci, Trumbull’s proprietor, and our company founder, Bruce Peter Morin became friends, and Dave instilled in him a dedication to Architectural Integrity and his interest in all things architectural.

Dave and Bruce would spend hours discussing the various aspects of architecture and the impact architecture had on the region and in history.

This relationship and our passion for architecture, photography, and technology have helped guide the direction of our company to this very day.

Pictured: A young Dave Catucci overseeing the progress a tradesman is making.

In 2005 after recognizing a need by our clients, we added photography to our services catalog. Bruce’s passion for photography started at a young age. When clients began asking him to photograph their real estate listings and commercial projects, it was a natural progression to make it a service offering.

Today we are engaged in over 600 projects per year and we travel all over the United States. Our service offering includes photography, web design, and development, videography, and graphic design.

We work with small and large clients across many genres of businesses. From small builders to architectural firms, designers, facilities managers, and manufacturers in the building industry.

We love what we do!

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Our Founder

Bruce Peter Morin
Senior Managing Partner

Bruce is a Franco – American photographer, artist, and entrepreneur based in Connecticut and Maine. A firm believer that we must follow our dreams, and for him, it has revolved around photography and the sense of exploration and wonder of the beauty surrounding us.

His company’s primary focus is Architecture and Interior Design. He has photographed homes for politicians, actors, leading real estate professionals, custom home builders, and architectural product manufacturers. While he could photograph other genres, something draws him to great design. He admires the work of Gehry, Wright, and Fuller, to name a few.

When not behind the camera or running the day-to-day business operations, Bruce enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, hiking, and enjoying good wine, bourbon, and great food.

“Dyslexia made me realize that people who say ‘but you can’t do that’ aren’t actually very important. I don’t take ‘no’ too seriously.”

– Richard Rogers

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