Henry James Memorial Middle School
Simsbury, Connecticut

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Architectural Photography

Whether you are an Architect, Interior Designer, or Construction Professional, imagery is the best way to showcase your work.

 Bruce attributed his passion for architecture when he became friends with David Catucci, who owned a prominent building restoration company at the time, the Trumbull Restoration Company. David’s lifelong work and passion for restoring aging buildings to their former glory while maintaining the original architectural integrity left a lasting impression on Bruce that he carries into his business today.

 In our work of capturing some of the region’s finest buildings, each image is meticulously constructed. We painstakingly review every detail and deliver “high-quality imagery that meets architectural standards at a competitive price.”

 Further, we offer a simplified approach to image licensing, and our fee structure is highly competitive. 

 If you have a project you would like us to work on, contact us and we can provide you a detailed quote.


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